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What Are The Pro's Saying About Pro Training Basketball?...

Mitchell Watt

Working with the guys at Pro Training Basketball has not only helped to sharpen my skills and fundamentals, but also increase my overall feel for the game at the professional level. Their workouts are fresh effective tools to help take your game to the next level.

Mitchell Watt, Univ. At Buffalo & Pro Player - Italy
Chris Wilson

Working with Tony did nothing but great things for my game! His energy, attention to detail, and knowledge of the game were invaluable. His drills are creative, yet relatable to real game situations. I was able to apply the skills developed in our workouts directly to the game. So much fun working with you man, thank you for everything!

Chris Wilson, St. Joe's Univ. & Pro Player - Germany
Reggie Agbeko

Training with Tony Watson has been great for me. His dedication and attention to details is second to none. His drills was very creative and intense, which allowed me to have fun but also work very hard to improve my skills. My handles has improved a lot and I'm able to use it in my game. Thanks you Tony!

Reggie Agbeko, D1 Player - St. Louis Univ.

The Highlights Of Each Workout

  • Form Shooting Workout

    This workout will breakdown your entire shooting form; from your footwork all the way up to your shooting arc. You will lay down the foundation of your entire shooting package and get rid of all the flaws in your shooting form. You’ll also improve your consistency and accuracy as well.

  • Shooting On The Move Workout

    Your Shooting on the Move Workout covers a variety of shooting situations that you must master. For example: shooting on the run, shooting off of the dribble, and shooting in transition. This workout alone will make you a better overall shooter, that EVERY team needs.

  • Shooting Off Of A Screen Workout

    In today’s game, screens have become very poplar. Every player must be able to read, react and score off of every type of screen. In this workout you will not only improve your shooting off of different types of screens, but also learn different options and how to score regardless of what the defense does. You’ll cover down screens, side ball screens, and flat ball screens.

  • Creating Space Workout

    This Creating Space Workout will be your favorite workout in the program. Here’s where you’ll work on all those shifty moves like step-backs, pull-backs, and misdirection shots that will allow you to create your own shot. No longer will you have to depend on others to create shots for you. After completing this workout a few times, you’ll have the confidence to perform these moves in the real game and create your own shots.

  • PROfect Your Shooting Test

    The test is broken up into two parts, the warmup and the actual test. The warm-up will not only get your body going, but also help you find a rhythm before the test. During this workout you will be tested on all the aspects of shooting: consistency and accuracy, shooting off of the dribble and screens, and how well you can create a shot for yourself. Once you have completed the test, you’ll be able to see which areas you need to focus on. You’ll be able to keep track of your progress conveniently in your Test Score Sheets throughout your program.

Everything You Get With PYS...

  • PYS Handbook

    In your Handbook, you will receive all the rules, tips and information you need to know to complete PYS. It will also contain, all of your workout guides and your workout log.

  • How To Use PYS Video

    In this video, you will learn step-by-step on how to use Home Made Handles and how to get the most out of each workout. You will also learn how to transfer your program to your mobile device or smartphone.

  • 5 SnapShot Videos

    Your SnapShot Videos will show you a live demonstration of every move and drill in HMH. It will also give you the rep counts and points of emphasis in each drill. After watching each video, you will know exactly how to do the entire workout but you can also refer back to them at any time.

  • PYS Test

    Your ‘PROfect Your Shooting’ Test is a workout that will challenge how well you shoot in game-like situations. Along with the Test Guide and SnapShot Video, you will also get the Test Scores Sheets where you can keep track of your progress throughout the program.


What More Real Players Are Saying...

Hey Tony Watson, my name is Tim and I'm from New York. Pro training is awesome, its a great resource for PROfecting your game. I've had lots of success using the moves and drills you teach and you are making me a better basketball player. I especially like the drills to improve your game that I can add to a workout, or use the workouts you provide.

Thanks, keep it up!

Tim, New York

My first name is John my home state is Florida and pro training has so many good things for me with all those secrets it has raised my scoring average from 2ppg to 11ppg. Thanks for everything Pro Training!

John, Florida

Pro Training Basketball has helped me a lot because for a while I had stopped playing basketball because I had gotten depressed....I had stopped playing for at least 3 to 4 months until my best friend finally helped me realize that I shouldn't give up what I love so much...I pretty much lost my ball on a string handles and my shooters touch. But I started using some of these Pro Basketball Training Workouts to help me get back on my feet.

Savannah, North Carolina

I recently just started using Pro Training a few weeks ago I noticed my shot has much more lift on it and my handles are becoming much quicker everyday.

Rashaun, Louisiana

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Results may vary, due to the fact every player is different and the extent of the results depend on how hard the player works.