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The Highlights Of Each Workout

  • The Fundamentals Of Finishing Workout

    This workout will breakdown the basics of finishing to help beginners lay the foundation to their finishing package. Also, help more advanced players correct bad habits to prepare them for the more advanced finishes to come. We’ll concentrate on footwork and basic finishes throughout these drills.

  • Weak Hand Finishing Workout

    Your Weak Hand Workout will challenge everything involved with finishing on your non-dominant side. For example, ball control, explosiveness, and obviously being able to finish with that weak hand. After doing this workout a few times, you’ll begin to gain confidence in using and finishing with your non-dominant hand.

  • Finesse Finishing Workout

    Here, you’ll being to work on those fancy finishing moves, like the Pro Hop, Euro Step, and Spin Move. You’ll also be challenged to used spin on the ball and use different parts of the backboard so that you can finish plays around rim even if there is a small window or tough angle. After mastering this workout, you’ll see and feel a major difference in your entire game.

  • Finishing Over The Trees Workout

    This is one of the most important workouts in the program. So many players today struggle with finishing over bigger and taller defenders, and it’s simply because they don’t work on their floaters or runners properly. In this workout, not only will you masters those finishes but you’ll also be able to complete them off of one your finesse finishing moves.

  • The Finishing Test

    The test is broken up into two parts, the warmup and the actual test. However, the warm-up is more than just that. It’s basically a workout in itself so you are actually improving your finishing before the actual test portion. During the test you will be tested on all four aspects of finishing: the basic, your weak hand, finesse finishing, and finishing over the trees. Once you have completed the test, you’ll be able to see which areas you need to focus on and be able to keep track of your progress in your Test Score Sheets throughout your program.

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What More Real Players Are Saying...

Hey there Coach! You have no idea how much you help me out. My name is Steven and I am from New York. I accidentally bump to one of your workouts and when I review it, I was so excited because this workout is what I needed!..... I improve my game so much, especially in shooting and left hand dribbles, plus finishes. ( I'm right handed ) I can't wait to do more of your workout. Thanks for everything 🙂

Steven, New York

My name is Tim and I'm from New York. Pro training is awesome, its a great resource for PROfecting your game. I've had lots of success using the moves and drills you teach and you are making me a better basketball player. I especially like the drills to improve your game that I can add to a workout, or use the workouts you provide.

Tim, New York

My name is Maksim, from the province of British Columbia in Canada. Pro Training has helped my game with their workouts and videos. Their drills are simple yet effective and my whole overall game has improved.  Most importantly, my ball handling is quicker and my finishing is better. When working out, my discipline has improved because I know what I'm supposed to follow and saw that a professional player follows it so that motivates me even more during the workouts. I am looking forward to more things from them.

Maksin, British Columbia

I’ve used many of the training sessions to help my 7th grader.  His work ethic and desire to get better has improved tremendously with more focused practice.  Thank you for provided these helpful workouts!

Jon F., Texas

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Results may vary, due to the fact every player is different and the extent of the results depend on how hard the player works.