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For Only $59.99

  • 'PROfect Your Dribbling' Handbook

    This contains all the literature needed to perform these workouts. Inside the packet you’ll find: Rules and Tips, How-To-Use The Program, Workout Schedule, Workout Guide, and Test Score Sheets.

  • How-To-Use Video

    Explains exactly how to use this program and the best tips and strategies to get the most out of each and every one of your workouts.

  • 5 Workout Snap Shot Videos

    Each video shows you step-by-step on how to do each drill and move in their separate workouts. The examples are in full speed and slow-motion when needed so you know exactly how to do everything in each workout.

  • 5 Workout Track

    Each video shows you step-by-step on how to do each drill and move in the workouts. The examples are in full speed and slow-motion when needed so you know exactly how to do everything in each workout.


The Highlights Of Each Workout

  • Building Blocks Ball Handling Workout

    In this workout we work on the basics, such as: ball control, hand and eye coordination, hand speed, and keeping that handle tight. Don’t let the words ‘Building Blocks’ confuse you; You will be challenged both mentally and physically so that you have a strong base to build upon.

  • PROfect One Ball Workout

    This workout teaches you a handful of combo moves that you can add to your game. We will also work on finishing at the rim and off the dribble into a pull-up, so you can breakdown defenders and finish off the play.

  • PROfect Two Ball Workout

    This workout is done with two basketballs to really challenge your ball handling and ball control. After doing this workout a few times, you will realize that you no longer have a weak hand or strong hand, but two dominate hands. This workout alone will take you one step closer to being unguardable.

  • Game Time Ball Handling Workout

    This workout is my favorite, because it teaches you to have that sick, shifty, elusive crossover. It also helps develop the necessary footwork needed to make those crossover moves effective. We work on setting up your defender, hitting opponents with combo moves, and blowing by the opposition for lay-ups and pull-ups. This workout will give you the confidence to perform those tough moves in a game situation quickly and instinctively.

  • PROfect Test

    The test is broken up into two parts, the warmup and the actual test. However, the warm-up is more than just that. It’s basically a workout in itself so you are actually improving your handles before the actual test portion. During this test you will be timed to see how quick and tight your handles are. You will be tested on multiple skills. First, how well you can control two basketballs at once. You will also be tested on well you finish with both a lay-up and pull-up off of a crossover. And you can keep track of your progress on your ‘Test Scores Sheets’ so when you look back week to week you be able to see how far you’ve come.

For Only $59.99

What More Real Players Are Saying...

Pro training helped me with my handling skills so much, At first i could dribble the ball but i always kept my head down when i did it, But when i saw pro training i said wow i really need to try this and i did. and now im one of the best ballhandlers in my school because i dedicated my time to do this work out everyday. Another thing is that i not only learned to keep my head up i improved everything .

Thank You Tony Watson i appreciated all these videos you put up for all the Pro Trainees.

Anthony G., Port Washington

I'm a small 5'4 freshman. I'm a good shooter but an average ball handler. On my team I always played sg because of my ok handles. Pro training gave me the handles and confidence to become a pg and lead my team to victory. Thanks pro training

Noah R., Arizona

I went from not even making the 8th grade team, to being starting JV on the top high school in New Jersey( Roselle Catholic HS). As a point guard I lead the team to a county championship. With hard work and your training i became one of those UNGUARDABLE players. Thanks Tony!!

Taylor P., New Jersey

I have started using Pro Training and By Far I think Its the Best Programmed i used i dont need any trainer cause this program breaks it down step by step what i need to do.

Olaoluwa B., New York

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Disclaimer: Consult a physician and follow all safety instructions. Results may vary, due to the fact every player is different and the extent of the results depend on how hard the player works.